Thinking about selling? Our goal as a brokerage is simple. Obtain maximum value for our clients in a streamline process. We achieve this by understanding the Seller’s motivations and goals for the transaction upfront then utilizing PCG’s marketing platform to successfully meet the Seller’s objectives. As a Seller, you can rest assured that every lead and buyer call will be followed up on to ensure that we find the right buyer for your property. Call us for a FREE evaluation of your property and a detailed marketing proposal.


Whether you are an institutional investor, an experienced private owner, 1031 Exchange Buyer, or a First -Time investor, we have the tools and contacts to find you the perfect property to add to your portfolio. Contact us today so that we can discuss your property needs in detail.


Real Estate Owned or Foreclosures are part of economic cycles. PCG is a preferred REO Brokerage that makes the process streamlined for Asset Managers. If you’re an Asset or Investment Manager you know that REOs come with many issues that require an experienced brokerage. PCG Commercial will take the initiative to visit the property, interview tenants, access vacant and occupied units, collect any available records, make a list of ‘life safety’ items, make a list of deferred maintenance items, coordinate any third – party management or Receivers, then compile all the data into a Property Inspection Report. PCG then creates a professional Market Analysis (BOV) with comparable sales and any pertinent data to provide an accurate opinion of List Price and Probable Sales Price.

Most importantly, PCG has an extensive list of well – capitalized Cash investors that execute and close on distressed assets.


Broker Opinion of Value. PCG provides FREE BOVs to Sellers and Asset Managers interested in obtaining the market value for their property. BOVs provide an accurate estimate of value for the Seller’s property with comparable sales data, rent surveys, and underwriting of the properties income – expenses. PCG is not a licensed appraiser but PCG will provide an accurate estimate of value based on today’s market conditions.

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PCG understands that properties require constant improvements, renovations, and repairs. Often, the improvements and repairs are needed all at once or are extremely expensive. PCG also knows that owners sometimes do not have the necessary capital resources to make the necessary renovations or improvements to a property. The longer these renovations are ignored, the bigger and costly these issues become over time. Then the property begins to deteriorate with roof leaks, plumbing leaks, dry-rot damage, pest infestation (cockroaches, bed-bugs, termites), sewer back-ups, broken appliances, and much more. This leads to unhappy tenants which either vacate your building, stop paying, or ask for lower rents. Then these tenants that feel neglected call Code Enforcement which then publicly records against title a long list of items to cure by a certain date before they deem your property uninhabitable. If the units become vacant, you then don’t have the cash-flow to make the improvements to the vacant units and lease them at market rents. It is a downward spiraling cycle that can only end in foreclosure or by selling the property while there’s enough equity.
If you’re a Seller in this category don’t be ashamed, call PCG for the solution. At PCG we understand the largest obstacle Owners face is lack of capital or partners that don’t want to pay their share. We also know that life happens in bunches and that these items get worse before they get better.

PCG has extensive experience with Value-Add properties and most importantly has the Cash Buyer’s to execute and close at a fair market price.

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